Shankill Bowling Club

Est 1994
(086) 864 2439
Quinn’s Road, Shankill, D18 X8N2, Co. Dublin
Shankill Bowling Club is a club formed for the social and competitive enjoyment of both indoor and outdoor lawn bowling. Membership is open to adults, men, and women equally.
Our clubhouse facility can host three mats for club and league indoor competitions.
Our six-rink outdoor green is on a woven synthetic mat suitable for playing all year round.
New members are particularly welcomed and will receive plenty of advice and encouragement if beginners.

Formed in 1994, we now have over 80 Members

Membership is open to men and women equally. Persons of all ages welcomed and encouraged especially if they are beginners.

About Shankill Bowling Club

From 1994 'till 2000 we were solely an indoor bowls club based in a local school and restricted to two nights play per week. In 2000 we established an outdoor section in our existing location on Quinn’s Road. Because we installed an all-weather surface, we can play all year round.

At the time we were almost unique because only a few clubs had an all‑weather facility. From 2000 onwards our ambition was to unite indoor and outdoor activities on the same site. In 2013 this was achieved. Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council constructed a purpose-built Clubhouse which allowed us to have all our bowling activities in one location. We can put down three mats for indoor play - the max in other clubs is two mats.


We are registered for play under the following associations:
· Irish Lawn Bowls Association

Community Contribution

We are proud of our relationship with our local community and our members participate in our regular charity events which are organised to support local charities and services.

Playing Bowls

We have regular and frequent in-house competitions most of these are mixed gender as the club has a strong ethos of mixed play. We also compete actively in the tournaments organised by the above associations.

We have several one-off competitions throughout the year and organise social activities around these events. Although a relatively recently established club, one of our female players has represented Ireland overseas in world competitions.

A Social Club

The social aspect of the club is very important to us. We often play friendly in-house games - just turn up and join in. These games are played in great spirit, by players of all abilities and skill levels. A good number of our members only play in these games, preferring not to play in league matches. And, of course, there is always tea and biscuits (and sometimes a cake or two) afterwards, along with a good natter. These days are a great way to meet new people. We also have a good BBQ set-up which is used throughout the year (indoor eating in winter). These always end up with a good sing-song.

Sharing Facilities

During the Winter we facilitate clubs who don't have all-weather rinks by allowing them to use our rinks as a home base during Winter inter-club events.

We also provide weekly access to our facilities for young people with special needs from Carmona House, and we provide helpers to Special Olympics and similar events.

We are an open access Club and welcome interest from all members of the public. Anyone who is interested can contact the club to arrange a free trial session where we will introduce you to both indoor and outdoor bowling in a welcoming, relaxed environment with absolutely no pressure to join. Many of those who come for a trial do join. We work hard to keep our membership fees as low as possible and have a special reduced rate of €110 for the first year of new membership.

FRequently Asked Questions

About Our Memberships

What if I am a beginner?

All our members began with no knowledge of the game. In fact, it is ideal for a person with no sports experience as it is a simple game to learn. Of course, the game takes time to master but it is very enjoyable and sociable.

How do I join?

Ideally call in to the club in person any morning of the week where you will be welcomed and offered an introductory lesson in either Indoor mat bowling or outdoor lawn bowling. You can try out the bowls and get a feel for the nature of the game. Experience of other sports is an advantage but not essential. Alternatively, you can phone Michael Dixon, Club President on (01) 282 0683 for more information, or to arrange to meet.

How much does it cost?

Cost is very good value at €220 per annum for all facilities.
New members joining in 2024 are charged a reduced fee of €110 for the first year. Membership applications and joining procedures are available at the Clubhouse.


We’d love to hear from you and welcome any queries via email or telephone.


Quinn’s Road, Shankill, D18 X8N2, Co. Dublin.
Shankill Bowling Club can be accessed from the M50 or the R119 through Shankill Village.
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